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FREQUENT LODGER'S About Page and Mission Statement.

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Welcome to FREQUENT LODGER'S About Page and Mission Statement.


Similar to the concept of The Frequent Flier Programs, that reward travelers by recognizing
the amount of travel by air they do, should come down in cost savings and other awards, FREQUENT LODGER rewards loyalty from the first night that a guest arrives. We feel that loyalty to a Hotel, Motel, Inn, Fishing & Hunting Lodge or a Bed and Breakfast should be rewarded by lower costs and many other special amenities to assure the loyalty of the consumer of these hospitality services. This is good for the guest population and the institutions as well. For the Frequent Lodger it means they feel valued and appreciated and it can convey the feeling one is at home in a place other than home.

For the hospitality companies, it can cut down on vacancies and increase loyal repeat visits by their Frequent Lodger guests for the immediate future and years to come. They also act like special "family" like visitors or family friends who will be unpaid extra eyes and ears for your establishments in case something is amiss or needs attention by your staff for the welfare of your place. They will even boast about their experience with you, to friends and family or in the social media or on our review pages driving additional loyal visitors to check on your web sites and properties as well.

This can also be a supplement to their own "In-House" Guest reward programs too. So happy travel and happy hosting to all. These are early days and therefore we invite all suggestions and ideas to grow this umbrella concept to all reward programs to encourage loyalty from our frequent lodger guests.

Again we say: Happy travel and happy effective hosting to all. Loyalty is its own mutual reward for guest and establishment alike. Also, you can advertise with us for very little cost as well. If interested in spreading the word about your home away from home ...please contact and/or send your media kit by email or call 212 840 2569 Please ask for Advertising. This goes for vendors to hotels as well.

FREQUENT LODGER Where Loyalty is its own reward.

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